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Diamond drill bits (001.514.010-027) different sizes

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Diamond drill bits (001.514.010-027) with fine diamond mesh. Suitable for wet or dry technology

Round drill bit for nails, cuticula and feet.

  • removal and polishing of very delicate skin and natural nails
  • provides less invasive operation, minimizes the risk of injuries
  • removal of dead epidermis at the side nail fold and the helix of the nail
  • cleaning the nail shafts and the free edge of the nail from deposits and cuticles
  • helpful for gel and acrylic styling, for making recesses, decorations in gel or acrylic
  • preparation of acrylic and gel in the periungual shaft
  • perfect for combined manicure
  • to be completed with “french”
  • in podiatry – to remove corns, calluses and corns
  • can be autoclaved




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