Diamond drill bits, fine – ball 001.514 – various sizes

Diamond drill bits – ball /various sizes/ – for nails, cuticles and feet (001.514.010-027) with a fine diamond grit:

  • removal and polishing of very delicate skin and natural nails,
  • provides less invasive action, minimizes the risk of injuries,
  • removal of epidermis at the lateral nail fold and the eponychium,
  • cleaning the nail shafts and the free edge of the nail from deposits and cuticles,
  • helpful for gel and acrylic stylings, for making recesses, decorations in gel or acrylic,
  • processing acrylic, gel in the periungual shaft,
  • perfect for combined manicure,
  • to complete the “french”,
  • in podiatry – to remove calluses and corns.

This drill bit was made of stainless steel and can be autoclaved. It is suitable for both wet and dry work.

Remember that any instrument you use must be properly cleaned and sterilized before first use and before each subsequent use.

Diamant-Fräserbits 001.514.010-027

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