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Set of cuticles and stylings removal drill bits – gel polish, gel, acrylic and dip powder – The Stylist’s Must-Have-Set (IQN Set Mani 10)


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The Stylist’s Must Have Set includes two sets – a maxi diamond cuticle set and a set of four carbide drill bits for removing old stylings – gel polish, gel, acrylic and dip powder.

Maxi diamond cuticle removal set includes cosmetic drill bits of the highest medical quality.

1. Step one – pushing the cuticles, the cutters allow you to move it away and work on even the most problematic and calloused cuticles:  The blue color of the ring on:

  • Diamond drill bit – roller,
  • Diamond drill bit – cone

represents the standard diamond grain gradation allowing fast operation:

2. Step two – lifting the cuticles and initial preparation for “painting under the cuticles”:

  • Long flame diamond drill bit – its very precise tip bit will reach every corner of the nail. It is a drill bit for cuticle deep lifting and nail cleansing from underneath. The red color of the ring indicates a fine gradation of diamond grain for safe operation.
  • Small flame diamond cutter – thanks to its small diameter, it allows you to move the cuticles even deeper and to remove membranes at the nail shaft more accurately. This drill bit is perfect for safely lifting very delicate cuticles. It is indispensable in the “paint under the skins” technique. The red color of the strap indicates a fine gradation of diamond grains for safe operation.

3. Step three – cuticle removal

  • Ball-shaped diamond drill bits – necessary to complete the removal of the cuticles. Perfect for the quick, accurate and non-invasive removal of lifted cuticles without the use of pliers.

4. Step four – finishing the manicure:

  • buffer diamond drill bit – a bit for removing and polishing delicate skin and natural nails, perfect for finishing manicures and nail shafts. It allows to mattify the natural plate before applying masses (gel, acrylic) and polishing the gel. It removes the remains of the base.

The set of medical carbide drill bits for stylings removal – gel polish, gel, acrylic and deep powder includes:

  • Carbide drill bit with the shape of a cylinder with a gold ZNR coating – it has a rounded, non-working top – ensures safe work in the nail shafts area. Effectively and quickly copes with the gel polish and gel on a natural nail plate, it ensures the smoothness of the worked surface.
  • Large flame carbide drill bit (cone) with a blue ring with a gold ZRN coating – great for removing acrylic and gel.
  • Large flame carbide drill bit (cone) with a black ring – guarantees quick and easy removal of deep powder and acrylic manicure. The special type of cuts makes it very sharp and the gold coating minimizes the overheating effect of the surface being processed, which is important when removing hard materials.
  • Ceramic cylinder drill bit – for removing gel polish, gel and acrylic. Very safe bit, ideal for people allergic to metals. Quickly and effectively removes the material without damaging the nail plate.

The cutters have a universal shank diameter – 2.35 mm and fit any e-file.

Drill bits for professional use – take care of your safety and the safety of your customers. Remember to disinfect and sterilize your instruments before each treatment.


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