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The Quick&Easy Manicure Set by Marcela (IQN Set Mani 27)


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The Quick&Easy Manicure Set by Marcela (IQN Set Mani 27), designed to speed up your work, has everything you need to do:

  • nail extensions,
  • renewal of stylings,
  • hybrid manicure,
  • combined manicure
  • correction of onychogryphosis nails.

The set includes drill bits witch have been enriched with a special golden ZRN coating that guarantees:

  • minimizing overheating of the processed surface,
  • better biocompatibility of the drill bits – recommended for people allergic to metals,
  • longer cutter life, more economical work,
  • greater resistance to sterilization,
  • quick removal of decorations such as glitter and crystals.

The set includes:

  • carbide drill bit – cylinder with safe end top ZRN-147XUF HP.060 – for removing gel polish stylings and leveling the nail surface after applying the base or gel.
  • ZRN-274I HP.060 cone shaped carbide drill bit – for very fast gel removal and correction of nails growing downwards.
  • diamond drill bit with the shape of a truncated cone with a blue ring 173.524.031_Z-for pushing, mattifying, removal of epithelium, for correcting the shape.
  • diamond drill bit with the shape of a flame with a red ring 243R.514.018_Z – for removing epithelium from the periungual shaft area, cleaning the sinus of the nail, aligning the side lines.
  • needle-shaped diamond drill bit with red ring 199.514.012_Z – for removing epithelium from hard-to-reach places, evening out the shape, also ideal for combined manicure.
  • diamond drill bit with the shape of a large flame with a red ring, 243.514.070_Z – for removing cuticles, which replaces scissors or clippers

Drill bits for professional use

Take care of your safety and the safety of your customers. Remember to disinfect and sterilize your instruments before each treatment.


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