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Level 2 – Professional Set


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” Level 2 – Professional Set ” – a perfect choice for professional nail technicians that use tools of the highest quality only, aiming to develop their own skills. Thanks to IQnails drill bits you will achieve the highest quality of your styling and gain your customers’ satsifaction.

Carbide drill bit- cone shaped. Best used for removing  Gel & Acrylic fast and efficiently. Perfect choice for preparing nails before new styling.
Recommended speed: 15-20K.

Diamond drill bit – Taper shaped. Perfect for pushing away cuticles and stretched proximal folds. Ensures precise control during treatments.
Recommended speed: 7-15K.

Diamond drill bit – Flame shaped. Best used for precise cuticles lifting and work around the nail and under the cuticles.
Recommended speed: 7-15K.

Diamond drill bit – ball shaped. Best used to remove cuticles and it’s a perfect substitute for nippers .
Recommended speed: 7-15K.

Diamond drill bit- the “Buffer” a perfect final step in manicure.  Perfectly mattifies the natural plate before applying materials  Recommended speed: 7-15K.


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