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Level 1 – Basic Set


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„ Level 1 – Basic Set”  is a match made in heaven for beginner nail technicians. A set with drill bits especially created to ensure an easy experience and professional work to create unique manicure for you and your clients ! the set consists of :

Carbide drill bit – cylinder with inactive rounded head, for safe work by the cuticles and folds. It’s best used to remove Gel & Acrylic and  leaving a smooth surface finish. Recommended speed 15-20K

Diamond drill bit – rounded end cone. Safely and gently pushes the cuticle back. Recommended speed 7-15K.

Diamond drill bit – long flame shaped. Used to lift and remove cuticles. Recommended speed: 7-15K

Diamond drill bit – ball shaped. Used to remove cuticles and it’s a perfect substitute for nippers . Recommended speed: 7-15K.

Diamond drill bit- The “Buffer” a perfect final step in manicure to achieve smooth finish. It smoothens the cuticles and the natural nail plate before applying the styling. Recommended speed: 7-15K.


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