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Gold set – hybrid / gel (IQN SET MANI 18)


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Najniższa cena z ostatnich 30 dni ( 2024-05-18 ): 390,00 

Gold set – hybrid / gel

NEW from IQNAILS  – universal set of medical drill bits for styling removal – hybrid / gel.

When you buy a set, you save money and have everything necessary to work in one package.

The set includes drill bits with a special golden ZRN coating. All carbide cutters have a coating that guarantees:

· Minimizing the effect of overheating of the processed surface

· Better biocompatibility of the drill bit – recommended for people allergic to metals

· Longer cutter life, more economical work

· Greater resistance to sterilization,

· Quick removal of decorations such as glitter and crystals

The kit includes:

Carbide drill bit in the shape of an umbrella with a red stripe 201.140.060  -it effectively and quickly copes with hybrid and gel on the natural nail plate.

Small umbrella carbide drill bit with a blue stripe 201.190.040 – great for removal of acrylic and gel.

Large flame carbide drill bit (cone) with a blue stripe 274.190.050 – it guarantees quick and easy removal of gel manicure.

Flame carbide drill bit (cone) with a purple stripe 274.134.050 – for careful removal and smoothing of gel and gentle removal of hybrids also from the natural nail plate – ideal for beginner beauticians.

* drill bits for professional use

* Take care of your and your clients’ safety, remember to disinfect and sterilize instruments before each treatment


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