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Expert Basic 6-pack of drill bits for gel polish/gel/acrylic/cuticles (IQN Set Mani 15)


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Our new Expert Basic set was designed for lovers of controlled and safe work, as well as for beginner stylists.

All diamond and carbide drill bits have the new SAPPHIRE LINE coating, which will:

  • reduce the risk of overheating the plate,
  • extend the life of the bit,
  • provide greater resistance to disinfectants and the sterilization process.

The Expert Basic set includes:

  • carbide drill bit flame with yellow ring – for gentle removal of gel polish and gel processing,
  • diamond drill bit rounded cone – for removal of epithelium and initial opening of nail shafts,
  • diamond drill bit flat end cylinder – for smoothing periungual shafts, gently mattifying of the natural nail, it can be used as a pusher,
  • ceramic drill bit olive – for safe working on cuticles without disturbing and overheating the natural nail plate,
  • diamond drill bit flame – perfect to start your adventure with a combined manicure,
  • diamond drill bit ball –  for gentle removal of raised cuticles and their smoothing. You can use it for dry and olive polishing.

Our set is perfect for people who want to start their adventure with gel polish and gel manicure, without worrying about damaging the matrix or sawing the nail plate.

The cutters have a universal shank diameter – 2.35 mm and fit any e-file.

Drill bits for professional use

Take care of your safety and the safety of your customers. Remember to disinfect and sterilize your instruments before each treatment.


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