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Combo set for combined manicure (IQN SET MANI 1)

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Do you up to a new experiment? Combine your experience with IQNAILS!

Premium drill bits set with additional nippers is now available. The Combo set for combined manicure is a comprehensive combination of cuticle care drill bits, a drill bit for quick removal of gel polish, gel and acrylic, and premium nippers.

The kit includes:

  • Cuticle nippers – a line for professionals:
  • Cuticle nippers made of medical stainless steel, tool length options:

-10 cm, blade length 3 mm

-10.5 cm, blade length 4 mm

-11 cm, blade length 5 mm

  • ergonomic shape of the working part – tools ideal for manicure, pedicure and podiatry, necessary in every professional beauty salon
  • stylish, pleasant to the touch, more exclusive matte tool finish
  • smooth, even opening of tools thanks to an extremely refined, polished joint
  • exceptional metal hardness ensures longer blade life time
  • comfortable, ergonomic contoured grips ensure perfect grip
  • • increased resistance to corrosion due to polishing with polishing paste

Rules for tool maintenance:

  • disinfection and sterilization of tools are mandatory after each use,
  • disinfection of instruments is to be done in accordance with the instructions of the disinfectants, do not increase the concentration of the disinfectant and the disinfection time, it may lead to corrosion,
  • during autoclave sterilization, the permissible temperature and sterilization time must not be exceeded,
  • only cleaned instruments should be disinfected and sterilized,
  • instruments may be sharpened only by specialists, which guarantees an extended life time of the tools,
  • it is recommended to store instruments with the point upwards in a dry place out of the reach of children,
  • it is recommended to store tools in a case to protect the cutting parts during long storage or transport,
  • it is forbidden to use sharp and metal tools for cleaning the instruments.
  • Carbide drill bit (201.134.060) with crosswise-cut. Effectively and quickly removes gel polish, gel and acrylic on a natural and strengthened nail plate.
  • Small flame diamond drill bit – thanks to its small diameter, it allows you to remove cuticles even deeper and remove nail membranes at the nail shaft more accurately. The bit is perfect for safely lifting very delicate cuticles. It is indispensable in the “paint under the skins” technique.
  • Long flame diamond drill bit – for lifting, removing and cleaning nails from underneath. The red stripe on the bit indicates a fine gradation of the diamond grit for a well-controlled operation.
  • Ball diamond drill bit – this bit allows you to quickly, accurately and non-invasively remove raised cuticles without the need to use nippers. The blue stripe stands for universal diamond grain gradation.
  • Diamond drill bit – cylinder – it will safely and gently move away the cuticles and grown epithelia. It guarantees fast and precise work.


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